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First Lotus Love

The first lotus blossom of summer graceful neck stretching tall above the pond surveys her garden As butterfly Koi swirl under her muddy feet. Shaded by green translucent umbrella arms rivaling the white magnolia saucer blooms billowing in the Arroyo sky. Never parched by the sun nourished by goldfish and basking turtles resplendent giant pink

The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The Araucaria Arucana family await to greet their missing brother who’ll join in sentry guarding the estate. Norfolk Island Pine, yet of Chilean descent Bunya-Bunya’s spiked, spiraling branches fishbone silhouette. Tracking nurseries across the country exotic tree request a Victorian garden’s trademark Van Dusen and Kew Garden’s best. A brown box, taped unloaded tissue-wrapped, Express

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