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Whether you just threw away a negative pregnancy kit for the first or 20th time, this exercise will help calm you down throughout the infertility process.

Sit comfortably in a chair, close your eyes and take in a full breath through your nose. Imagining that you are soaking in positive energy. Hold it in for a moment and slowly breathe out through your mouth. As you slow down your breath, you are slowing down your mind and your body. Feel your stomach rise, chest expand, lungs filling with oxygen. Breathe out, releasing tension from your body, letting go and relaxing. Each breath is soothing; feel your body healing itself, nerves calming and muscles relaxing. Breathe in again and feel the oxygen nourishing and protecting your cells, your organs, your mind. Exhale, releasing toxins, cleansing your body. Inhale clarity, peace, courage. Exhale confusion, anxiety and weakness. With each exhale, you feel peaceful and relaxed.

As you focus on your breathing, inhale deeply and with each exhale continue to release all of your tension and stress. With each breath, you feel more relaxed. Imagine that you are walking into in a beautiful forest. Around you are trees, green ferns and flowers. You can hear birds chirping and smell the rich fragrance of the forest. The sun is filtering through the leaves of the trees around you. Feel the warm sun on you and imagine that you are one of the trees, a beautiful flowering magnolia With each breath, you feel the earth’s energy coming in though your roots, transformed, exhaled as a flower blooming on your branches. Each slow inhale transforms into a new leaf or flower. Create as many flowers as you like. On the next exhale, exit the tree and lay down on the soft ground under the tree. Close your eyes and soak up the warm sun and feel as though you are floating and relaxing. You have no worries and are completely at peace in this place. When you are ready, imagine that you are slowly getting up, walking though the path in the forest. As you leave, you realize that you may return when you wish to this place and that this path will always lead you to a place where you will feel relaxed and at peace.


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